Why Has The Current 36th District Representative Not Supported This Small Business?

winebarn1With a key initiative of my campaign to support all sizes of privately owned business in District 36, I was disappointed as I pulled up to the Wine Barn to schedule an event and saw the “For Sale” sign.  This family-owned American Dream business was born in Wyandotte County by lifetime Wyandotte County residents who now plan to leave the county.

This one time successful business employed 4 family members and up to 11-part time Wyandotte County workers.  The location provided a beautiful place for Wyandotte weddings and other celebratory events.  This was a viable business until a ruling by the city that destroyed their business model reminiscent of the government regulation that closed the Woodlands.

After speaking to one of the owners, Scott Hiatt, my disappointment changed to heartbreak for the owner and disgust with anyone currently holds State or Local office who failed to come to the aid of this small business owner and identify an amicable solution to minor complaints.  The absence of support from the District 36 State Representative Kathy Wolfe Moore is astonishing to me.



  1. Laura George
    August 15, 2016

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    You are behaving like a mudslinger. People can see right through you, so maybe you should change your strategy.

    I’ve been a patron several times at the Wine Barn, had a great time and supported the locals. I was also saddened when I heard the news of a shut down.

    However!!!! I was taught that there’s two sides to every story so I dug a little deeper and found some interesting stuff. The noise issue was a problem for neighbors and most complaints were about the loud music after hours. The Wine Barn didn’t comply with the agreed upon solutions so the struggle continued.

    Kathy Wolfe Moore also represents residents in District 36 and it was time for their voices to be heard. The Wine Barn doesn’t HAVE to sell, but they are CHOOSING to when they could also CHOOSE to go back to conducting business without all the wedding reception after hours music.

    In my opinion, Kathy Wolfe Moore did the right thing for the greater good.

    Laura George

  2. Celeste Mikijanis
    August 15, 2016

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    I appreciate your comments HOWEVER!!!! I assure you that the Wine Barn did comply with all stipulations and there were documented records to prove this, but those documents were not shown. A police officer was present at every event and witnessed the decibel readings and that the levels remained on the agreed upon levels (or below most often), and that all patrons were off premises by the agreed upon time. The neighbor that was upset was never going to be happy. There was a video that was never validated used against us and was presented by the UG planning director who is supposed to not show bias. Our commissioner told us BEFORE the hearing that he was “tired” of it and it didn’t matter if we proved our case or not, he wasn’t voting for us. Commissioner Marguia went on record stating that she and the others vote “with” the commissioner whose district it is. Not to mention, we are an agricultural business and state statutes that regulate farm wineries state that marketing events ARE part of a farm winery and state statute says that because weare an agricultural entity we are exempt from zoning regulation, HOWEVER, good ole Wyco feels that they can claim home rule and create further regulation. Now, I spoke to Kathy today so she understands exactly where I’m coming from and what should have happened when wyco decided that because I was bucking the system and asserting my rights was that she (and not only her) should have come to the forefront and upheld these statutes. That didn’t happen. So before you go and say that I didn’t comply with stipulations, I’d encourage you to dig a little deeper still. I’d be happy to share all of the documentation and records with you if you are interested. I assure you that the reason we are closing is NOT because we chose to. Those live music and weddings made up about 60% of our revenue. I’m fairly certain if anyone took 60% of any business’s revenue, they’d be left with “no choice” but to close.

  3. Kevin Braun
    August 15, 2016

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    I can sense that you are upset about the posting and I assure you that it was not my intent to causes you undue stress but is and will always be my intent to speak up for those with no voice. Please let me share how I feel this issue should have been handed and the role a State Representative of such great influence as Kathy Wolfe Moore could play.

    Everything about this case is based on a neighbor to neighbor complaint of a nuisance issue. The point is that this is not a zoning issue at all and they should never have ruled on it as a zoning issue. This is an issue that should have been addressed between two parties in a court with a jury. In this case the zoning commission acted as judge and jury. One of the key roles of a Representative is to protect their constituents from government overreach. In this case I would have spoken as a Representative on behalf of the business and let the zoning commission know this was a private court matter not a zoning matter. If the Representative had done so this issue would have been resolved amicably probably in alternate dispute resolution before it even went to court. I hate to have to do it but I am going to have to paraphrase Edmund Burke and say “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing.”

    In this case good men and women have done nothing. There was one exception. State Senator Steve Fitzgerald spoke up for the family but with no city connections and therefore to no avail. Kathy Wolfe Moore on the other hand was the Chief of Staff to the Mayor for 10 years. Do you really think she had no political influence for a better outcome for her constituent? Really? The attorney for the Wine Barn let the constituent know the only remedy left to them was to sue the city. Do you think that is fair? Would you sue the city? Or would you sell your business and move somewhere that respected you?

    We may still disagree on this issue and I will depart the conversation fully respecting your opinion based on noise complaints but I hope on some level you will at least consider how terrible the impact of this decision would be on you if you were the business owner not to mention the people who wanted to hold a wedding, the small business flower shop that provided the flowers, the small business that provided catering, the local entertainment, etc.

    Thanks for visiting my website!

    Very Respectfully,
    Kevin Braun
    Candidate for Kansas State Representative District 36

  4. GD
    August 17, 2016

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    Hey Laura, are you happy with your property tax? The UG and Kathy have about taxed me out of the county.

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