A Message from Kevin

If you are looking for someone who understands that being a politician is a temporary act of citizen service rather than a permanent career, I am your candidate.

Thanks for your Support


Kevin Braun – Your Conservative Alternative

I am Kevin Braun and I would like to serve you as your Kansas State Representative in District 36.

The Conservative Alternative for District 36

I am a lifelong conservative with 30 years of success in business, military service and educational advancement. In the private sector I have worked for sole proprietorships, partnerships, fortune 500 companies and a fortune 100 company and I know how successful businesses run. I am a United States Army Veteran with two overseas deployments representing the people of the Great State of Kansas in the Kansas Army National Guard. I know the value of education having earned my degree in Business and a Master Degree in Business Law at Friends University right here in Kansas. I have been a Kansas resident since 1998 when I decided to make Kansas my permanent home. I have never run for or held any State or Federal elected office. If you are looking for someone who understands that being a politician is a temporary act of citizen service rather than a permanent career than I am your candidate. I am your only candidate. I believe my diverse private sector business experience, military leadership and advanced education make me uniquely qualified to serve you as your Kansas State Representative.

Leavenworth Road Association Meeting

Kevin received a lively response to his introduction at the Leavenworth Road Association meeting this evening. Several members expressed concerns about out-of-control property tax increases in Wyandotte County as well as excitement about his support of the Woodlands Race Track re-opening.

Leavenworth Road Association Meeting

Kevin was honored to meet Wyandotte County Resident Donnell Copeland who had prior service in the Army.  They shared stories of their military service.  imgp9225

Earl Freeman Endorses Kevin Braun for Kansas House of Representatives


I am honored to have the endorsement of Earl Freeman.

Earl is a cherished member of Wyandotte County and while he may be best known for his beautiful development, Freeman Farms, I don’t know anybody who would disagree that Earl is also known as a man of great integrity and honor. Earl was raised in Wyandotte County and raised his own children here. He has given back to his community throughout his adult life and his children and grandchildren continue that legacy.

Earl displays a rare blend of bold vision and a willingness to work through the challenges inherent in driving a successful business while remaining true to his values and humble in his success. I am blessed to call Earl a friend and supporter.


Leavenworth Road Parade

The Leavenworth Road Parade was a great time for the whole team. The reception to Kevin Braun’s campaign for Kansas House of Representatives, 36th District, was remarkable. People grabbed his hand and he received many warm hugs all along the parade route. Voters are anxious to have their values truly represented in Topeka.

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Business Appreciation in Wyandotte County

The Business Appreciation Celebration at the Wine Barn in Wyandotte County was a good opportunity to showcase several examples of the American Dream, right here in our neighborhood.  All appetizers were purchased from local Dotte businesses:  Signature Sausage, MeMaws Bakery, Italian Delight, Judi’s Bakery, Danny’s Bar and Grill and Wyandotte BBQ.

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Business Appreciation Celebration in Wyandotte County

GrapesPlease help us celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that this family business represents. It is the heart of the American Dream. Please join us in celebrating this American Dream in Wynadotte County, at the Wine Barn Vineyard and Winery in Piper, Kansas on Friday, September 9th, beginning at 7 PM.

This is a special event to show community support for a successful, family-owned and operated business in Wyandotte County.

In their recent history, the Wine Barn employed 11 part-time people, hired (and paid) a local band and provided generous sales opportunities to local food vendors on weekend evenings during the summer. The Wine Barn also hosted weddings, civic events and special gatherings for families.

In 2008, the winery produced 500-gallons of Kansas grapes and fruit wines, as well as a variety of French-hybrid and vinifera, making the dream of cultivating quality grapes and fine wine a reality for this Piper family. All said, the Wine Barn is an asset to our unique rural community.

Due to recent zoning changes in Wyandotte County, the Wine Barn may soon close forever. The owners have listed the property for sale and plan to move to different community.

Please help us celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that this family business represents. It is the heart of the American Dream. Please join us in celebrating this American Dream in Wynadotte County.

Heavy appetizers–all purchased from small businesses in Wyandotte County–will be served, along with non-alcoholic beverages.  Wine may be purchased separately from the Wine Barn.

2850 N 119th St, Kansas City, KS 66109

The Wine Barn – Wyandotte County Breaks Another Private Small Business

Open Letter To Scott and his Family:                                                                                                                            From Kevin Braun – Candidate for State Representative District 36:


In an environment of faceless government where no one is taking responsibility for what has been done to you and your family, I want to personally apologize for not coming forward earlier to stand with you at the hearings that took away your American Dream, your time, money and created such a destructive emotional impact on your entire family.

All you wanted to do was to bring something great to Wyandotte County with private funds.  You did not ask to raise property taxes to fund your private enterprise like all of the “Public Private Partnerships” we have seen over the last 15 years.  All you wanted was fair treatment in the private sector in a competitive marketplace, but we, and the system, failed you.  Please accept my apology and the apology of all Wyandotte County residents of conscience.  We wish you all the best in health and happiness wherever the future finds you.

Kevin Braun
Candidate for State Representative District 36

For all other privately owned, privately funded business owners help is on the way!  As your Representative I will not stand silent while your life savings are drained and your American Dream is destroyed by government regulation and government overreach.  The proper role of government is to remove barriers to business success and allow the free market to determine their ultimate success or failure.  The role of government is not to pick winners and losers based on what club you are a member of or what “Development Organization” you pay dues to.

Sincerely Yours,
Kevin Braun
Candidate for State Representative District 36

Why Has The Current 36th District Representative Not Supported This Small Business?

winebarn1With a key initiative of my campaign to support all sizes of privately owned business in District 36, I was disappointed as I pulled up to the Wine Barn to schedule an event and saw the “For Sale” sign.  This family-owned American Dream business was born in Wyandotte County by lifetime Wyandotte County residents who now plan to leave the county.

This one time successful business employed 4 family members and up to 11-part time Wyandotte County workers.  The location provided a beautiful place for Wyandotte weddings and other celebratory events.  This was a viable business until a ruling by the city that destroyed their business model reminiscent of the government regulation that closed the Woodlands.

After speaking to one of the owners, Scott Hiatt, my disappointment changed to heartbreak for the owner and disgust with anyone currently holds State or Local office who failed to come to the aid of this small business owner and identify an amicable solution to minor complaints.  The absence of support from the District 36 State Representative Kathy Wolfe Moore is astonishing to me.


Wyandotte County Republican Women

This photo does not quite capture the energy in the room this evening. The Wyandotte County Republican Women’s organization has evolved into a powerful group. Kevin’s presentation brought together the values and goals that the 36th District desperately needs and wants in Topeka. As tiresome as the election cycle can be, it’s refreshing to witness the renewed hope a candidate like Kevin brings to the county.